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At the forefront of our mission is our commitment to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We recognize that providing the highest quality products is not enough. That's why our teams are dedicated and trained to ensure each of our customers' needs are met. However, don't just take our word for it! Here's what some of our customers have to say about our staff and their commitment to customer satisfaction:

Customer Testimonials
Creat offers free samples to test the boards’ quality and function before mass production; it very useful, I do not need to worry for the quality of my order.
--- Eleonora Cefaliello Italy
I want to say: “Thank you”. Creat gives us some credit services, I do not need to worry about the delivery time if our account can not arrange the payment in time, they start production once get my confirmed order, this save many time for me.
--- Valentina de Goycoechea Argentina
Creat’s engineer gives us some very good advice to reduce the cost while guarantee the quality, It helps us save much cost. I am happy. I want to have a long business relation with Creat.
---Umesh Belurkar India
Hi Coco,I received the boards and they all work great. Thanks and well done. I also have included a folder for another project I was hoping you could help us too. I'm really happy to have your boards here working. Thanks again.
--- Buckley United States
Under the double pressure of RMB appreciation and labor cost rising, Creat never rise the price since we cooperate from year 2010. I can’t think of another vendor that can do this.
--- Joerg Czech Republic
You have a wonderful company because of your employees...
--- Michael Austria
I don’t build business relationship with Creat yet, but after this investigate, I will consider Creat once I have suitable project.
--- Ken Misterka
Employee Voice
When I see the boards which assembled by myself were packaged and send out, I feel a little loss but happy, just like my cute son will leave me for a far.
--- Chen Xiaodong SMT line
I have worked in Creat for 3 years, Creat is like a big family, I feel happy here.
--- Wang Mingjuan---Warehouse
Creat is not only the company I worked, it is also a good school for me. I learn many thing here. I am learning and improving myself everyday.
---Creat Employee Daisy Sales
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