CREAT provides various services within the prototyping, manufacturing, assembling and testing of electronic products for the professional market.There are including:

dian   Prototyping
dian   PBA assembly. ----SMT and THT lines, Manual assembly
dian   Testing. ----AOI, X-ray, In-circuit testing, Functional testing
dian   Cleaning and coating
dian   Box-build

PCBA Technology Capabilities

We combine advanced processes with highly skilled resources. Our assembly technology, including: SMT Process (RoHs Compliant) Capabilities up to:

dian   0402 Chip Size
dian   12 mils Integrated Circuit (IC) Pitch
dian   Micro Ball Grid Array (BGA) – Pitch 16 mils
dian   Flip Chip (Controlled Collapse Chip Connection) – Pitch 5 mils
dian   Quad Flat Package (QFP) – Pitch 12 mils
dian   Chip On Board (COB)

Test & Analysis Capabilities up to

dian    High Power Vision Systems 100x magnification
dian    In Circuit Testing (ICT)
dian    Product Functional Testing


Test &Quality Assurance

Creat Electronic Group and all employee has always been striving its persuasion "continuous improvement toward perfection", keeping up with the leading advanced technology and management system in One-stop servicesof Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) for small and medium volume.

dian   Quality standards ISO 9001:2008
dian   RoHS implementation and the corresponding system
dian   5S the practical operation, improve production efficiency
dian   QCC implementation team
dian   Quality activities on the implementation of continuous improvement

Test &Quality Assurance

dian   PC-A-600G Acceptability of Printed Boards
dian   IPC-A-610D Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies